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October Mercadito and 5 Years!

It's our five year anniversary!

Join us Saturday, October 15th for a day of coffee, locally made goods, and much more! We're thrilled to be hosting our first Mercadito in a couple of years with our friends at Cuatro Uno Cuatro.

It's hard to describe what five years in business feels like, but in a word we're thankful. We're thankful for the support of our family and community. We're thankful that our neighbors have embraced us as a part of their daily routines. We're thankful that you allow us to learn and grow in our trade over the years and continue to support us. We're thankful to be able to express and share our culture in the place we call home. We're thankful for five years of serving you coffee and being a place for community. Thank you for sharing in that with us!

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