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our story

Owned and operated by sisters Janeth and Lizeth Zorrilla Sanchez, the mission is clear; sharing origins to foster a collaborative, deeply rooted community. Five generations of the family have cared for Finca El Retumbo.  Cultural pride and familiar traditions are passed down to each cup of coffee here in our WI home.


We are excited to share our journey with you, thank you for choosing to be a part of it with us. Follow us on our journey in our site blog, or on our social media platforms! 


La Finca was born out of a woman's dream for a collaborative community. From bean to cup, and beyond, we aim to connect farmers to consumers with every visit.

The idea for our coffeehouse was inspired after our first trip to Mexico to meet our family. Starting this business was our way of continuing a real and sustainable relationship with our family that we missed out on for over 20 years. It was our way to bring back a little bit of our home country and share it with the country we have called home since young kids. We practice Direct Trade with our family farm, building and caring for that relationship not just between farm and coffee industry, but between grandfather and granddaughters.

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