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New Kitchen Hours and Some Background

A note to anyone that enjoys our food:

La Finca opened its doors with the purpose of sharing culture and community. We do that primarily through our coffee but have enjoyed preparing and sharing a small food menu with you all. Our mom, Rubi, is an excellent cook and that "made at home" taste is accredited to her.

Please keep in mind that, number one, we don't have a full kitchen. Everything that we prepare is made in small quantities for you to enjoy. This means that sometimes we run out of popular items you might be looking forward to. And secondly, we're working with what we have. The building owners have graciously allowed us to make plenty of changes to accommodate our vision, however this space was not designed to house a full capacity kitchen. While our food menu may look big for a coffeehouse, we're limited in space and unfortunately have to make some cuts to our menu in order to keep up with both the flow and capacity of our coffeehouse. Beginning December, the kitchen hours will need to change a bit to accommodate for manpower and prep. Food will be available from 8am to 2pm everyday that we're open. We encourage you to enjoy our food menu when you can, and to please be patient when ordering on busier days.

La Finca is a space to connect with others over a little cup of coffee. A space to pull you away from everyday stress. A space to recapture and reorganize yourself. Thank you for making it what it is today <3

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