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336 hours and counting...

It's been a little over two weeks since we made the decision to temporarily close our doors to help speed up the healing for our community. It's definitely been a strange time for us. We try to mimic a routine, but I think our pets are getting suspicous as to why we're suddenly around all day. My husky, Jack won't leave my side anymore, even if it means lying uncomfortably under my small desk while I keep myself busy. Closing was a decision made to make sure we weren't inadvertantly part of the problem. We have a drive thru window that seemed to be safe enough, but with the cases of COVID-19 rising in our comminuty, the truest way to stay safe was to encourage our friends and family to stay home as much as possible.

We are still now, three years later, grounded and tremendously grateful for the beautiful support and love we get from all of you. Well wishes, reaching out to make sure we know we will be missed, asking for ways to continue to support us while we're gone. It's truely humbling and we can't be thankful enough. I've added a link directly on our website that takes you to online gift card purchase options that can be used for future dates at La Finca.

So we're lucky enough to be taking this time to rest, reset, and reflect. We're still doing what we can to continue to help our community and be present in new ways. We hope soon it will be safe enough again to open up our drive thru window, but we look forward to the day we can open our doors again and share new and exciting things with you.

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